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Welcome to Tech Zone - Your one stop cell phone shop!

At a day and age where mobile phones
has evolved from being a luxury to being a necessity, almost any person can't leave home without. What's more, from being a tool purely used for texting and calling, the old cellular phones have evolved to become smart phones, which can now do a lot more than just send out texts or enable users to call family and friends. Today's phones can do just about anything! You can call, text, surf the internet, connect with friends, family, colleagues, fans, and even famous people you admire, through social media. Phones now have high quality cameras which have basically phased out the plain cameras of old. Phones can now connect wirelessly through bluetooth, infrared, and others; some can even be charged wirelessly too! There are just so many advancements in the world of cellular technology that we could go on for days discussing them. And although there have been a lot of changes in the mobile phone industry over the past two decades, there's one thing that remains unchanged - that you can find everything you need for your phone here at Tech Zone!

Tech Zone is the name that stands out as the premier provider of top quality cell phone repair Portland folks rely on. We are also the trusted source of the latest cell phone chargers and cell phone accessories Portland residents count on for outstanding deals that deliver the best value for their money.

Here at Tech Zone, our customers' needs always come first. We take pride in delivering outstanding personalized service that truly caters to our customers' needs. We have a full team of well-trained and experienced employees ready to provide you with the assistance you need every time you come through our doors.

With over 15 years of tried, tested, and proven excellence in the mobile phone business, there's really only one place Portland folks go to for top-notch cell phone products, accessories, and services at the best prices - Tech Zone!

Why Choose Tech Zone

Repairs Within
A Hour

Great Prices

The Best Selection

Unrivaled Service

Most of the time, it's sooner than that!

Great prices for quality products.

Chances are we have what you're looking for. If we don't, we can special order it!

Knowledgeable, highly trained and friendly Staff.


  1. 0
    Patricia King
    This guy's are great!!! Got a note 4 unlocked cheaper than any other place in Portland metro area in excellent condition. The customer service here is fantastic...
  2. 1
    Stephanie Karp
    The two associates that assisted me were helpful and attentive. The store offers a broad selection of products, and they offered to order a battery that they didn't keep in stock.
  3. 2
    Terry Coopman
    Took my galaxy s5 to alexis for a broken screen and i just left my phone there and it was done fast. Also got a new wallet case and they have the best prices.
  4. 4
    Jesse Hooper
    I cracked my iphone 6 after having it for a week and they fixed my screen and they are now what I'm talking about. Cheap prices keep me coming back.

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